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??? 做好充分的参展准备
??? hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站必须准备足够的宣传材料,除了hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站宣传手册和名片之外,还应该有针对性地为光顾hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站展台的代表精心设计使之感兴趣的材料,否则,他们可能出大门之后便将宣传材料随手扔掉,因为对他们来说,这些材料太多,或许他们认为毫无用处。假如hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站参加的是会议计划的展销会,hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站必须提供hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站接待会议能力的资料,如接待会议的设施、宴会菜单以及其他相关信息;参加旅游交流会,hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站则必须带上能使旅行商感兴趣的hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站包价等资源。另外,如果hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站对展台布置有特殊要求,则求须事先安排好所需的辅助设备如能源、灯光、音响、大屏幕彩电等;如果hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站展台需要电力、特殊设备或家具,事先准备好这些设备则是至关重要的。为了达到参展成交的目的,hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站应尽可能采取事先邮寄等形式,给可能的参展客户留下印象。一般而言,hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站可以事先获得一份参加展销会单位的名单,这样hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站可以给每个参展单位或选择一些可能的客户邮寄有关本hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站的资料,这是客户叩开本展台大门的有效途径。当然,所邮寄的资料必须富有新意,避免流于一般形式。
??? 展前要对参展人员进行培训,对外宣传要统一口径,对可能发生的情况进行提前进行模拟。比如产品报价等数据要统一说法。参展人员统一着装,配有hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站标识的胸牌。
??? 专业性的展会会有很多同行参展,所以对竞争对手要做到知己知彼,方能百战不殆。展前要对同行进行全方位的摸底,包括hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站形象设计,展位的位置,展位的设计,产品的价格等。
??? 邀请客户届时参观你的展位。邀请函要注明展会的名称、时间、hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站的展位号、参展人员及联系方式,顺便也可附带介绍一下最新推出的产品。邀请的时间一般在展会前一个月左右。这样做的好处有很多:首先,你告诉客户你参展了,是在传递你有实力参展的信息;其次,参展商由被动地等客户变成主动请客户,效果更加明显;再者,面对面地沟通要比电话或邮件沟通更容易得多。
Ready to participate in the exhibition in advance to do pay attention to:
??? Make full exhibitors to prepare
??? The hotel must be prepared enough promotional materials, outside the hotel brochures and business cards should be targeted to patronize the hotel stand on behalf of carefully designed so that interested in materials, otherwise they may be out of the gate, put the publicity materials carelessly throw away, because for them, too many of these materials, perhaps they think is useless. If the hotel to participate in the conference program of fairs, the hotel must provide the information of the reception conferencing capabilities, such as reception, conference facilities, banquet menus, and other relevant information; to participate in the tourism exchange, the hotel must bring interested in make the traveling salesman Hotel Package and other resources. In addition, if the hotel on the booth layout there are special requirements, seeking to be pre-arranged desired auxiliary equipment such as energy, lighting, sound, large screen color TV, etc.; hotel booth require electricity, special equipment or furniture, prepared in advance these devices is essential. In order to achieve the purpose of exhibiting turnover, the hotel should be taken in advance by mail and other forms an impression to potential exhibitors customers. In general, the hotel in advance to obtain a list of to participate in trade fairs units, so the hotel can be mailed to each participating unit, or select some potential customers information about this hotel, which is an effective way for customers opened to the booth door. Of course, the mail data must be innovative, to avoid a general form.
??? The pre-show exhibitor staff training, outreach to speak with one voice on what might happen to be simulated in advance. Such as product pricing and other data to a unified view. Exhibitors dress uniform, with the hotel logo badge.
??? Professional exhibition will be a lot of peer exhibitors, so the competitors to know ourselves in order to know yourself. A full range of diagnostic pre-show counterparts, including the location of the booth, booth design, product and price.
??? Invite customers will visit your booth. The invitation letter should specify the name of the exhibition, the booth number of the hotel, exhibitors and contact, by the way also may be accompanied by introduction about the latest products. The invitation usually in about a month before the show. The benefits of doing so: First, you tell customers you exhibitors, is to pass information you have the strength to exhibitors; exhibitors Please wait passively for clients to become active, the effect is more pronounced; Furthermore, face-to-face much easier to communicate than the telephone or e-mail communication.

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