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??? 互联网是20世纪最伟大的发明之一。随着互联网科技和电子商务的迅猛发展,人们的工作、生活已离不开网络,网上交易和网上购物颠覆了传统的思维和经营模式。人们借助网络不仅提高了工作效率,同时也提高了生活质量。网络成为当今社会生活不可或缺的内容。
??? 根据中国互联网络信息中心(CNNIC)公布的统计数据显示,截至2009年年底,我国网民规模已达到3.84亿,与2008年年底相比增长8600万,年增长率达到28.9%,网民数量进一步创造历史新高。网站数量达到323万个,互联网普及率超过世界平均水平。与此同时,中国互联网网上交流也十分活跃。据统计,中国现在有论坛上百万个、博客2亿多个,每6个中国人就拥有1个博客,网民每天新发布的博文超过400万篇。巨大的上网人数,带来了巨大的商机。
??? hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站网络营销的产生,是和科学技术的发展、消费者价值观的变革及hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站建筑等因素分不开的。首先,hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站选择jhg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站网络营销是科学技术发展的必然。科学技术的发展,尤其是计算机技术和互联网技术的发展,改变了信息的分配和接收方式,改变了人们的生活、工作和学习、合作和交流的环境。如何借助网络更有效地促进个人和组织交易活动的实现,对于hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站既是机遇又是挑战。其次,消费者的需求去挑选和购买。面对消费者价值观的变革,hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站应利用网络为消费者提供各种类型的服务来满足消费者的需求。第三,英国前首相布莱尔曾警告说“不能上网的企业将面临倒闭的危险”,为了在hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站业激烈的市场竞争中不被淘汰,个hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站竞相借助网络平台,开展网络营销。
??? hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站网络营销是hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站电子商务的主要内容,是hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站以互联网为基础,利用数字化的信息和交互性的网络媒体,对hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站产品和服务所做的一系列经营活动,以实现hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站营销目标的过程。
??? 1963年,美国的希尔顿hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站安装了一台IBM的小型计算机,用于hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站客房的自动化管理,标志着现代信息技术运用开始进入hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站领域。1965年假日hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站集团建立了独立的电脑预订系统。我国上和世纪80年代初,一些hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站开始应用计算机网络技术进行内部信息管理和业务操作,涉及前厅接待、收银、问询、客房预订、销售、餐饮、保安、报表、门锁等各个方面。进入20世纪后,hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站电子商务以迅猛的速度蓬勃发展,在欧美国家,90%以上的hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站都建立了自己的网站;我国很多hg0088皇冠最新网址|官方网站业纷纷上网,通过网络寻找自己的客户、寻找需要的产品,为网络营销提供了广阔的空间。
What is the background and concept of the hotel Internet marketing?
??? The Internet is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. With the rapid development of Internet technology and e-commerce, people's work life is inseparable from the network, online transactions and online shopping subverts the traditional thinking and business model. People through the network to not only improve the work efficiency, but also improve the quality of life. The Internet has become an indispensable element of social life today.
??? The end of 2009, according to statistics released by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), China's netizens had reached 384 million, compared with the end of 2008, an increase of 86 million, an annual growth rate of 28.9 percent, the number of Internet users to further create history a new high. The number of sites reached 3.23 million, Internet penetration rate above the world average. At the same time, the Chinese Internet and online communication is also very active. According to statistics, China now has one million forum, blog more than 200 million every six people on a blog, Bowen more than four million Internet users every day new release. The huge number of Internet users, bringing huge business opportunities.
??? Inseparable from the generation of hotel Internet marketing and the development of science and technology, changes in consumer values ??and hotel construction factors. First of all, the Hotel Select Network marketing is the inevitable development of science and technology. Development of science and technology, especially computer technology and the development of Internet technology has changed the distribution of information and receive change people's lives, work and learning, cooperation and exchange environment. How to use the network to more effectively promote the realization of individuals and organizations trading activities for the hotel is both an opportunity and a challenge. Secondly, selection and purchase of consumer demand. The face of change in consumer values, the hotel should make use of the network to provide consumers with various types of services to meet consumer demand. Third, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair warned that "can not access the Internet enterprises will face the risk of failure", in order to not be eliminated in the fierce market competition, the hotel industry, hotels competing network platform to develop Internet marketing.
The concept of hotel Internet marketing
??? Hotel Internet marketing is the main content of the hotel e-commerce, Hotel Internet, using digital information and interactive online media, hotel products and services made to a range of business activities, to achieve the goals in the process of marketing a hotel.
??? In 1963, Hilton Hotel, the United States to install an IBM small computers for the automated management of the hotel marks the modern IT use has begun to enter the hospitality sector. In 1965, the Holiday Inn Group has established an independent computer reservation system. Our country and century in the early 1980s, some hotels began to apply computer network technology to conduct an internal information management and business operations involving the vestibule, reception, cashier, inquiries, room booking, sales, catering, security, reports, door locks etc. The 20th century, the hotel e-commerce to flourish at a rapid pace in Europe and the United States, more than 90 percent of hotels have set up their own website; a lot of the hotel industry in China have Internet access, through the network to find their own customers to find products. provided a broad space for the network marketing.

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